…challenging interactions are COSTLY to EVERYONE!

Conventional wisdom tells us

that kids and adults alike “do well when they want to.”

But in our day-to-day reality we find that

  • Children and adults alike respond in explosive or seemingly irrational ways
  • Repeated attempts at persuasion, rewards and consequences drain our resources and ultimately fail
  • Important relationships are damaged in the process
  • Personal/organizational growth is not only thwarted, but HARMED!

In the end…


Why Bowman Consulting Group?


Conventional wisdom isn’t working!!!

If it were going to work, it would have done so a lonnnnng time ago!

Stop banging your head against that wall!!


The way we see it, humans ARE what it’s all about, right?

Kids in our schools or treatment centers,

People in our communities,

Employees in our organizations…

ALL matter, ALL need support, and ALL WANT TO DO WELL!


You understand, as do we, that commitment to the long-term is crucial!

You also understand that system-wide change is hard!

We aren’t showing up with a magic wand…

We’re going to deliver solid, research-based training,

followed by coaching, consultation & support that will


Presentation was great – practicality, humor and organization!
Thank you so much! It was 100% worth my time!

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